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Arlington, Mansfield, Crowley and surrounding area


Fort Worth Fencing Company

All fencing including iron and wood

Electrical (solar gates), fence repair, stain or maintenance

Burleson, Mansfield, Arlington & surrounding areas


CMG Unlimited Fencing includes contruction of a new fence and or maintenance of an established fence.

We offer iron fences, wood fences and custom gates. We offer welding, electrical and or solar gates.

Take the time to review our fence pictures and if you have a particualr fence requirement or suggestion we are happy fabricate the fence or gate to your specifications. Contact CMG Unlimited today by email or call 817-528-5732

  • Shrubs and Trees
  • Fencing Repair (welding)

  • Water Features
  • Patio Designs

  • Arbors, Pergolas and Bridges
  • Decks

  • Flower Beds
  • Grub/Fire Ant Prevention

  • Pre and Post Emergent
  • Core Aeration

  • Triming
  • Yard Maintenance

  • Trenching
  • Raised Garden / Preparation

  • Fencing (wood, iron)
  • Electric Gates (Solar options)

Fort Worth Fencing Company | Cast Iron | Wood Fencing | Fence Staining | New Fence | Fence Repair

CMG Unlimited | Fencing Company in Burleson, Fort Worth area

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